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Author list in alphabetical order for the year 1996

Author NamePage
Alencar, P.S.C154
Antoniol, G.187
Atkinson, D.C.144
Bailes, P.A230
Blazy, S.133
Boldyreff, C.100
Bull, T108
Burd, E.L100
Burnim, P.230
Cahill, A.218
Canfora, G.30
Chapman, M.230
Citrin, W.123
Clements, P.178
Cowan, D.D154
De Lucia, A9
Di Martino, B.164
Doorley, M218
Eick, S.G.2
Erdos, K240
Facon, P.133
Fasolino, A.R.9
Fiore, P.78
Fiutem, R.187
Graham, T.C.N.45
Griswold, W.G144
Hather, R.M.100
Iannello, G.164
Johnston, D.230
KIosch, R.R.208
Krut, R178
Kunz, T.154
Kunz, T.198
Lanubile, F.78
Lucena, C. J.P.154
Mancini, L.30
McCurdy, C.144
Merlo, E187
Mittermeir, R.T.208
Morris, E178
Mumro, M.9
Mumro, M.100
Paul, S.19
Quilici, A55
Santiago, C.123
Smith, D.B19
Sneed, H.M240
Sullivan, K. J40
Tilley, S.R19
Tonella, P.I87
Tortorella, M30
Vans, A.M.68
Visaggio, G.78
Wallnau, K.178
Ward, A.2
Wong, K.90
Woods, S.55
Younger, E.J100
Zorn, B.123
von Mayrhauser, A.68
60 found

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