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Author list in alphabetical order for the year 2001

Author NamePage
Andritsos, P.157
Antoniol, G.281
Aversano, L.199
Bassil, S.7
Bennett, K.135
Bennett, K. H.3
Best, C.111
Bril, R. J.269
Buckley, J.71
Canfora, G.199
Carr, D. A.60
Casazza, G.281
Cheng, B. H. C.221
Cordy, J. R.127
Cordy, J. R.145
Cousineau, D.127
Danicic, S.89
De Carlini, U.176
DeSouza, M.189
Dean, T. R.127
Dean, T. R.145
Deng, Y.50
Di Lucca, G. A.176
Di Penta, M.281
Dunlap, G.26
Eisenbarth, T.300
Fasolino, A. R.176
Favre, J.-M.223
Fox, C.89
Gannod, G. C.221
Gold, N.135
Harman, M.89
Harman, M.310
Harrold, M.J.39
Hierons, R.89
Hu, L.310
Keller, R. K.7
Knight, C.18
Kontogiannis, K.323
Koschke, R.300
Kothari, S.50
Lange, C.209
Leigh, J.26
Lethbridge, T. C.119
Lethbridge, T. C.245
Li, Y.98
Maletic, J. I.26
Malton, A.127
Malton, A. J.145
Marcus, A.26
Merlo, E.281
Michaud, J.111
Miller, R. J.157
Moe, J.60
Mosemann, R.79
Munro, M.18
Munro, M.310
Namara, Y.50
O'Brien, M. P.71
Orso, A.39
Perry, D.123
Postma, A.269
Rajlich, V.293
Reynolds, J.127
Sartipi, K.115
Sartipi, K.259
Schneider, K. A.127
Schneider, K. A.145
Simon, D.300
Sinha, S.39
Sneed, H. M.167
Sneed, H. M.209
Stefanucci, S.199
Stewart, M. E. M.113
Storey, M.-A.111
Stroulia, E.120
Systä, T.120
Tilley, S.189
Tilley, S.323
Wiedenbeck, S.79
Winter, A.209
Wong, K.323
Yang, H.98
Yu, Z.293
Zayour, I.245
Zhang, X.310
86 found

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