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Author list in alphabetical order for the year 2002

Author NamePage
Antoniol, G.207
Aversano, L.197
Binkley, D.97
Burd, L.107
Canfora, G.197
Clarke, C.229
Collard, M.289
Cordy, J.65
Counsell, S.33
Cox, A.229
De Carlini, U.261
De Lucia, A.197
Dean, T.65
Di Lucca, G.261
Di Penta, M.207
Easterbrook, S.114
El-Ramly, M.21
Exton, C.281
Fasolino, A.261
Gall, H.53
Godfrey, M.127
Godfrey, M.178
Gradara, S.207
Hamou-Lhadj, A.159
Hassan, A.239
Holt, R.114
Holt, R.239
Huang, S.285
Inoue, K.169
Ivkovic, I.178
Jahnke, J.187
Jin, D.65
Knight, C.147
Lethbridge, T.85
Lethbridge, T.159
Maccari, A.3
Maletic, J.289
Mansurov, N.187
Marcus, A.289
Mendes, E.33
Moonen, L.219
Munro, M.147
Müller, H.187
Nørmark, K.43
Ohata, F.169
Overy, D.107
Pace, F.261
Pinzger, M.53
Quigley, A.11
Rajlich, V.271
Riva, C.3
Sim, S.114
Somé, S.85
Sorenson, P.21
Stefanucci, S.197
Stroulia, E.21
Swift, S.33
Takada, T.169
Telea, A.3
Tilley, S.285
Tramontana, P.261
Tu, Q.127
Vestdam, T.43
Visser, J.137
Walenstein, A.75
Walenstein, A.187
Wheetman, A.107
Wilde, N.271
Wong, K.187
Wu, J.239
Zhao, J.251
van Deursen, A.137
72 found

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