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Author list in alphabetical order for the year 1999

Author NamePage
Antoniol, G.151
Binkley, D.208
Boldyreff, C.178
Bowman, I.28
Burnstein, I.66
Cain, J.20
Canfora, G.136
Cifuentes, C.192
Cimitile, A.136
Dagenais, M.49
Dagenais, M.114
Danicic, S.208
De Lucia, A.136
Di Lucca, G.136
Di Martino, B.84
Dombovari, T.92
Fasolino, A.58
Fiutem, R.151
Fox, C.208
Francel, M.106
Harman, M.208
Hierons, R.208
Holt, R.28
Karunakaran, V.12
KeBler, C.200
Knapen, G.114
Knight, C.4
Korel, B.92
Koskinen, J.162
Lague, B.49
Lague, B.114
Lang, S.170
Li, L.144
Linos, P.12
Mazzeo, A.84
Mazzocca, N.84
McCrindle, R.20
Merlo, E.49
Merlo, E.114
Moonen, L.74
Munro, M.4
Munro, M.178
Ososanya, E.12
Patenaude, J.49
Potrich, A151
Rugaber, S.106
Saner, F.66
Sellink, A.38
Smith, C.200
Sneed, H.92
Tonella, P.151
Van Emmerik, M.192
Verhoef, C.38
Villano, U.84
Vissaggio, G.58
Warren, P.178
Zhao, J.126
van Deursen, A.74
von Mayrhauser, A.170
59 found

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