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Author list in alphabetical order for the year 1998

Author NamePage
Antoniol, G.153
Bechini, A.190
Binkley, D.198
Burkhardt, J-M.82
Burkwald, S.K.13
Canfora, G.136
Chen, Y.45
Cifuentes, C.126
Cimitile, A.136
Clarke, C.L.A.180
Cristoforetti, L.153
Dagenais , M.37
De Lucia, A.136
Detienne, F.82
Di Lucca, G.A.136
Di Martino, B.206
Duncan, B.198
Eick, S.G.13
Erdos, K.98
Fiutem, R.153
Gallagher, K.54
Gansner, E.R.45
Holt , R.C.180
Jubb, B.198
Kamp , M.64
Keller , R4
Korel, B145
Kramer , J28
Kuipers, T90
Lague, B37
Lakhotia , A72
Le Bon, A37
Leduc, C37
Lethbridge, T173
Lethbridge, T.C.118
Lin, T.54
Mancoridis, S.45
Mazzeo, A.206
Mazzocca, N.206
Mendonca, N.C.28
Merlo, E.37
Mitchell, B.S.45
Munro , M.19
O€™Brien, L.54
Pyrce , J.D.13
Quilici , A.54
Rilling , J.145
Rivard, K.D.13
Rorres, C.45
Schauer, R.4
Sellink, A.108
Sendall, S.126
Sim, S.E.180
Singer, J.173
Sneed, H.M.98
Some, S.S.118
Tai, K-C.190
Vans , A.M.164
Verhoef , C.108
Villano , U.206
Wiedenbeck , S.82
Wielgosz, A.198
Woods, S.54
Young, P.19
van Deursen, A.90
van den Brand, M.108
von Mayrhauser, A.164
67 found

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